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Why do Most Girls Block Their Ex Boyfriends

Here Candy dives deep in on the reasons Why do Most Girls Block Their Ex Boyfriends. This is because Most of the girls tend to block their ex-boyfriend as soon as they just end their relationship this might be due to various reasons, below are the major points that I Candy use to show why most of the girls decide to chose to block their ex-boyfriend and end official communications.                         


Most of the Girls decide to block their ex-boyfriends this due to that they are some of the obsessive men when they leave a girl during relationship, they decide to come up some with revenge such as distracting and destroying the mind of a girl, threatening her, also he may even spoil and destroy the new relationship that a girl she is on it due to the fact of having her contacts an even try to mess around with the other man’s emotions.                                                          

02: AVOID COMPLICATIONS ON THEIR CURRENT LIFE;                              

During relationship breakup most of the Girls seems to be most affected so you may find if he or she still remain with the contacts she might come with bad decisions that might lead to a lot of effects to their physical and mental health and peace of mind , so through blocking it will help her to overcome the consequences , problems and also complications on their life.                              


According to even most psychologist  they believe that a creature who is more emotional is a Girl, this is due to that you may find even if the man is the one who made mistakes and led to the end of relationship you  may find that  if he gets a chance to call or texts the girl, due to emotions she might end up in repeating the same past mistakes just because of her emotions that may lead to further damage, so as to avoid a lot of such effects they decide to block their exes contacts and their issues.                                 


On this point most of the Men when they end their relationships with their former Girls, they tend to behave as if the are very familiar with them and they sometimes decide to do the activities that they do . But through blocking it helps women to be strong and set boundaries so as to avoid unnecessary disturbance from their exes or past relationship that has got a lot of effects such as stress and other many negative consequences to their current state of life.


Since most of the Girls believe that after breaking up with their man, they decide to erase their contacts and block their numbers so as to avoid unnecessary chit chats, calling and conversation from their exes, this it might be due to various reasons such as avoiding refreshing their relationships, to avoid being hurt on repeating same mistake from their ex boyfriend.         

Conclusion on Why do Most Girls Block Their Ex Boyfriends                                                   

Finally most of the Girls decide  to block their ex boyfriends by believing that its a good decision on their life but in my humble opinion that its not true ,there is  a saying that says that mountains do not meet but human beings meet so you may find there is circumstances will happen and  the Girl will need help from anyone and even their exes so blocking its not a suitable or amicable / best recommended permanent solution .