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How University Students Spend their Weekends

Let us see How University Students Spend their Weekends , because most of the students at the  university / College level , they differ in how they spend their weekends this point can be determine by the following   explanations.

 01: Personal Hygiene                                                

 Most of the students in colleges they use the weekend for personal hygiene such as cleaning their surroundings, washing their clothes also arranging their thing in order for example arranging clothes, and other tasks, despite all that there some fail in involving in personal hygiene that most of the students believes that weekend are days of making themselves clean, smart and neat.       

 02: Having   revision on different subject taught around the week;

Since most of the students fails to get time to revise in different subjects and lecture classes that are taught during the week so most of the students tend to use the weekend for revising well and understand what it was taught during lectures this might be conducted on different ways such passing through notes, referring from different authors also passing in different assignments and past review through questions  so as to master what was taught.      

 03: Participation in different development activities;

Most of the students of the colleges also in other learning institution tend to use the weekend in participating in different activities so as to earn a living so as to sustain their living standard during their studies this activities involves coming up with different business  such as selling different products, doing part time jobs, doing online works with payments and other beneficial activities .   

 04: Paying visitation in different recreation areas:-

Most of the students at college believes that in weekend that are days for enjoying moments in different recreational centers such as hotels ,beaches, clubs, national parks and etc in this point this led to rise of two groups which are there are those who go for refreshment purposes in a correct ways such as having soft drinks and other things but also other groups are those who goes to different areas and rise conflicts, misunderstandings, and other How University Students Spend their Weekends

  05; Doing different physical exercises;

Most of the students they spend their   weekends so as to make their body strong and fit some make the exercises as part of the refreshment after the long week example of the physical exercise are such as swimming, marathon running participating in  different competition such as football,netball,handball and other many that can help them be calm and remove unnecessary stress.     

 06: Cooperate with others in different activities such as learning and other tasks :-

Most of the students during the weekends tend to cooperate together in different aspects such as sports, debates, various group discussion this at lastly it help in building strong relationships that led to strengthen peace and security that can help in reduce and solving  different conflicts and other unnecessary things.                                         

Conclusion on How University Students Spend their Weekends

Finally,the above are points that are used to show different activities that student conduct during weekend but during  this most of their timetables differ according to his or her choice and there are those who uses it in a positive way and others in a negative means but l would try to advice on them they should have a proper management on their deeds that they conduct they must be safe and acceptable with positiveness.

                             BY CANDY.