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What a Recruiter is Suggesting Regarding your CV !

Have your ever wondered what the other side want from your CV? Read below here What a Recruiter is Suggesting Regarding your CV / Resume!

Please read on the text below straight from the hands of a recruiter :-

I reviewed 200 resumes yesterday
Here are the biggest mistakes I saw, preventing them from moving forward:
1. Telling and not showing

What I saw: long lists of bullet points describing their daily responsibilities

What I want to see: bullet points showing HOW you did your responsibilities, made something more effective, saved the company time/resources, HOW you you went above and beyond in your role

2. A generic professional summary

What I saw: buzzwords like “great communicator,” “problem solver,” “critical thinker,” or “strong collaboration skills”

What I want to see: keywords (different than buzzwords) that are specific to the job description, industry, and career path in tandem with a few accomplishment statements that speak to your credibility and aptitude along with what you can bring to the position

3. A skills section crammed with soft skills

What I saw: “team player” “collaboration” “leadership” “communication” “problem solving” “project management”

What I want to see: Hard skills, programs you are proficient in, keywords, that exist in your bullet points that show proof of these skills and not in some generic skills section

4. Not enough white space

What I saw: a resume crammed with text to fit in as much on the page as possible, paragraphs of text, no space between bullet points

What I want to see: a document that is scannable, readable, and has plenty of white space to make it easier to read

5. Unnecessary additions of photos, columns

What I saw: attempts at making the resume stand out by making it look different

What I want to see: get rid of all of it, tell yourself “KISS” (keep it simple, stupid), simplicity is going to get you farther in the job search than some resume you think is going to stand out because it looks different

This is just the tip of the iceberg

But the bottom line is that many of these things are easy fixes.

Some are going to take more time but fix them once and you won’t have to worry about fixing them again.

As recruiters, we are the gatekeepers to the jobs we are hiring for.

We want the most qualified and best candidates.

We also want to do it in as less of a time frame as possible.

When you stand out, you make our jobs easier and we’ll reward you with a callback for an interview.

Focusing on these 5 areas helps you help us.

And when you help us, you’ll increase your chances for an interview.

Happy to chat more in the comments about your biggest resume struggles.

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