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To Live on Campus Residences or to Live on Private Accommodation?

To Live on Campus Residences or to Live on Private Accommodation? This is a question that most College / University students grapple with when they commence their College / Varsity Lives.

Therefore on this article, we are going to show both advantage and disadvantages of a college or university student to stay within Campus Residence or to stay off Campus at Private Accommodation.                                                      

We begin by looking at the advantages of living in an official Campus Residence /Accommodation, which are as follows:-

A: It ensures Security and Safety of Students and their properties.                          

This is due to that most of the learning institutions most of their surroundings are being  secured with different ways such as security guards and etc so through this it enhance to the protection of individuals properties and also safety.                                

B. It Helps Students to have easy Access to the Campus Resources                                        

In this point since at the campus there is easy access to the learning resources for example in libraries there is a lot of books ,easy  free internet articles that help a student to their study during the campus.        

C. Helps to Generate long lasting Relationships                                                         

In this point during the survival at the campus it enables a students to create  different friendship and even courtship since it enables them to know each other behavior that help them in keeping and maintaining their relationship .                      

D. Create some Supportive Environment for the learners at the campus.  

Due to the fact that learners or individual are the at campus they tend to be more familiar to the environment and it support them a lot during their leaning and help them to improve on their academic performing grades .             

On the other hand there is also a lot of benefits for a student at university or college to live in a society this is due to the following points.          

A. Real World Experience.

Through staying outside the campus this enable a student to be able in determining the things or matter that are concerning or surround them in a simplest way compared to those who are living at the campus.    

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B. Better Privacy

Living outside the campus it enables a student to be living a life which consists of freedom due to that he or she is in private mode for example not sharing bathrooms and etc.                            

C. Maintenance of Self Hygiene.         
When an individual tend to live outside the campus he or she is able to be neat and clean starting from his or her privacy till outside the environment compared to when he or she was living with others  at the inside the campus .

D. Enable Students to participate in community integration,             

Here in this point not only they will have knowledge on their curriculum study but they can be able to know also participate in different outside activities such as participate in different activities.               

Conclusion on To Live on Campus Residences or to Live on Private Accommodation?

Finally  l would like to conclude that living with in inside or outside  the campus it has got both positive  and negative effect in learning  surroundings.some of them are like ,bad peer influence ,theft cases,and other many so each area has got its own impacts so l would like to conclude by saying a student  before making a decision  he or she as a students , he / she needs to think twice and select the best option that will work for him or her as this varies from person to person / student to student..      

By miss Candy