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Difficulties and Challenges of a College Girl’s Life

Today we talk about Difficulties and challenges of a college Girl’s Life , because Most of the girls suffers from different problems and obstacles that hinder them from achievement this mostly happen especially in the university . Today as a writer of this,article am going to mention some of the few challenges that we girls face during university studies in reference to a certain Institution found in Tanzania.

Firstly most of girls in the University are faced with a disaster called corruption ,most of the girls when they fail to reach required pass marks at the university so as to gill the missing gaps the lectures tend to ask sexual corruption to them so as to make the pass the exams and at end you may find it led to increase influence for them to provide sexual intercourse to their lectures ,this can be seen in reference with reported cases in police station and also court.

Secondly its all about peer pressure influence mostly of the girls in the university are affected a lot with their influence advises and conversation that led them to risk their learning carrier and start living in copying others life that at end it may end up in diseases such as stds and others into death due to friends ,relatives influence as,we hear different testimonies most girls are disrupted under bad peer influence pressure.

Third we can say that it is a living backgrounds of girls ,in university its is the area that combines with different individuals with a different background you may find a children at their home was not allowed to do different luxuries like going to club ,own a relationship and etc mostly of them when they reach at the university they regard themselves they are free from parents guidance at lastly, ends in engaging themselves in bad and dangerous activities that my disrupt them completely on their learning this can be refereed to change of behaviors of individual at university.

Fourth its all about guidance and caring,this mostly faces girls a lot since most of them they depend to their parents and guidance for their living so when they are at university when they tend to get something and they know its affordable for their parents they tend to involve in different activities so as to achieve it such as homosexual,sexual harassment,and other many this all happen since they lack the care and guidance they used to get.

Fifth point its all on management of responsibilities this mostly happen since most of girls fail to have proper management on their university activities so it led to disruption of time that led to the failure of success journey you may find a student fails to attend lessons,also different learning activities due to unnecessary activities for example having rest in lecture time and etc.. Time management and also responsibilities management it led to achievement of success.

Last points also involvement in immoral activities as far as we can see and hear in the mas s medias most families are broken due to university ladies for example due to the freedom of no limit in wearing, drinking going to different luxuries and do anything according to her willingness they end up in engaging in immoral acts such as prostitution,homosexuality,crime activities that might disrupt their learning activities and led to diseases such sexual transmitted disease,fungus and other dangerous that might even lead to death.

Conclusion on Difficulties and Challenges of a College Girl’s Life

Since in university there is a combination of different individuals with different living styles and living in order to overcome the problems or challenges that the girls face they should try to have a good decision making ,since decisions involves making actions,also self determination this help a girl to know how much she is worth, and in this a person determine how he she is supposed to live.
,also avoiding bad peer influence that might land him or her into great disaster last but not least it all about maintenance on moral values most of the girls especially they come to have their studies with good morals and values but when they days go on some of them end up in various immoral acts such us prostitution,drug abuse and etc.

By the Author – Candy.