What Freelancing Skills Are the Most In-Demand?

Here we have a look at What Freelancing Skills Are the Most In-Demand?

What Freelancing Skills Are the Most In-Demand?

Freelancing is open to many different skill sets, but some are more in demand than others. Some of the most popular freelancing skills are:

  • Social media management: This is a vital skill for all types of businesses across all verticals; while the average hourly rate is $16, talented freelancers can charge $45 per hour or more in this field.
  • IT programming and development: IT programming and developing is a popular choice for freelancers, and the average hourly salary for programmers and developers is $22.20. In this field, the rate you can charge depends on which programming languages you’ve mastered; a full-stack developer in the US charges an average of $55 per hour, while a web designer in the US charges an average of $25.
  • SEO, content writing, and copywriting: The average hourly rate for content writers across the world is $16, which is relatively low compared to an IT programmer. But experienced and talented writers can earn up to $90/hour, and sometimes more.
  • Graphic design: Talented graphic designers are needed for everything from product design to website creation. The average hourly pay for a designer is $20, but the range is wide. Graphic designers earn an average of $17 per hour, but top designers who can tap into multimedia and 3D design can command an hourly rate of $45 and above.
  • User experience (UX/UI) design: A step beyond graphic design, a UX/UI designer pulls together the entire customer experience on a website or app; the average salary is $42 per hour.
  • Business consulting: This involves advising businesses of all sizes on every aspect of improving their business; the average hourly rate of $35 is just the beginning.
  • Information security: Analysts in this sector are much needed, given the high risk of cyber attacks; if you’re freelancing as an IT security analyst, you should be charging well over $40 per hour.
  • Virtual assistants: As offices downsize, the demand for remote assistants to deal with standard administrative tasks is rising; virtual assistants charge an average of $11 per hour.
  • Accounting: Freelancers and small businesses often turn to other freelancers to handle their tax and accounting needs; freelance accountants can earn a respectable average salary of $19 per hour, with financial analysts and business management accountants charging an average of $21 per hour.
  • Photography and video editing: Demand for these jobs has grown by 19%-22% as high-quality images become more important for successful marketing; the average hourly rate for professional photographers begins at $75 per hour, with top photographers earning up to $500 or more per hour.

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Be Careful: Although freelancing is an attractive way of life, it doesn’t suit every profession. Be realistic when you think about quitting your day job tomorrow to become a freelancer.

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