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How to Self Employ by Offering Cleaning Services from Tomorrow !

Let us have a look at How to Self Employ by Offering Cleaning Services, something if you have a true intent and mindset to achieve , this can be done starting exactly tomorrow, but before we look at this , let us first examine the Job Market.The job market in the developing world is a complex landscape with both challenges and opportunities. Here’s a breakdown of some key aspects:


Informal Sector: A large portion of jobs, estimated at around 70%, fall under the informal sector [according to the World Bank]. These jobs often lack security, benefits, and proper wages.

Youth Unemployment: Youth unemployment rates are significantly higher compared to developed countries, exceeding 12% [according to ILO].

Skill Mismatch: The skills demanded by the job market may not align with the skills of the workforce, leading to unemployment despite a few available jobs.

Now let us see How to Self Employ by Offering Cleaning Services from Tomorrow , So here’s how you can jumpstart self-employment by offering cleaning services:

1. Have Proper Identifcation

It is a fact that no one is likely to trust you and leave their valuable house for you to clean up , if you are not easily and officially identifiable ,as they may think that your are a Criminal. Therefore make sure you have proper Official Government issued identification such as NIDA ID Card, Voters Registration ID Card, Drivers License and the likes, you may also additionally get the introductory letter from your ward leaders ( Mwenyekiti or Mtendaji ). Once you are easy to identify then it will enable to largely clearthe trust issue hurdle.

2. Gear Up and Set Rates:

Cleaning Supplies:

Invest in basic cleaning products like all-purpose cleaner, disinfectant, glass cleaner, sponges, microfiber cloths, mops, and a vacuum cleaner. You can start with essentials and expand your toolkit as you go. if you fail to get any tools at all, then just offer manpower services and let the clients provide you with their own cleaning tools and products that you will return upon completing of your services to them.

 Rates: Research average cleaning rates in your area. Consider factors like the size of the space, frequency of cleaning, and specific services offered.

3. Secure Initial Clients:

    Friends & Family: Spread the word among your network. Offer a discount for their initial cleanings to incentivize them.

Online Platforms: Look for online platforms like local classifieds or neighborhood social media facebook , WhatsApp and Telegram groups to advertise your services.

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4. Promote Yourself Effectively:

Business Cards: Create simple business cards with your name, contact information, and a brief description of your services.

Online Presence: Consider creating a basic website or social media page ( like instagram, linkedin, or Facebook ) showcasing your services and positive client testimonials (if you get any).

5. Deliver Quality Service:

   Punctuality and Reliability: Be dependable and arrive on time for scheduled cleanings.

   Communication: Clearly discuss client expectations before starting a job.

  Thorough Cleaning: Provide a high standard of cleaning, ensuring client satisfaction.

6. Identify & Target Affluent Neighborhoods:

With the ongoing shortage of house-helps in the country, the middle to high class economy people are struggling to get quality cleaning services on a day to day basis from people who are trustworthy, reliable and can actually deliver good services. So once well established it makes perfect sense to target Affluent Neighborhoods with ready to pay customers who your level of high quality services.

For instance in Dar es Salaam you can Go to places Such as Mbweni, Mbezi Beach , Oysterbay , Mikocheni , Masaki and the likes. While for Arusha Places as PPF, Njiro and Sakina will make Sense.

Otherwise check out Real Estate Data: Look for online resources or local realtor groups that can provide information on average home values in different neighborhoods.

Zip Codes: Research zip codes associated with high-income earners.

Driving or Walking Tours: Take a drive or walk through neighborhoods with larger homes, well-maintained lawns, and luxury car dealerships.

Craft a Targeted Message:

Highlight Value, Not Just Price: Focus on the time-saving convenience, high-quality cleaning, and attention to detail you provide. Affluent clients may value these aspects more than just the lowest price.

Offer Specialized Services: Consider add-on services like deep cleaning, carpet cleaning, or organization alongside regular cleaning.

 Luxury Touch: Use professional-looking business cards, brochures, or a website that conveys a premium image.

Marketing and Outreach:

Direct Mailers: Create targeted mailers showcasing your services and special offers for affluent neighborhoods.

Networking: Attend events or join groups frequented by residents in these areas like country clubs or charity galas (if it fits your budget).

Online Advertising: Consider targeted online ads on social media platforms or local neighborhood websites frequented by affluent residents.

Building Trust and Credibility:

    Testimonials: Get positive testimonials from satisfied clients, especially if they reside in affluent areas.

    Partnerships: Partner with local businesses catering to high-end clientele, like realtors or property management companies, to get referrals.

   Professional Associations: Consider joining professional cleaning associations that promote high standards and might have networks in affluent areas.

Additional Considerations:

    Higher Rates: You can justify slightly higher rates in affluent areas by emphasizing the quality and value you provide.

    Background Checks: Offering background checks for your cleaning staff can be an additional selling point for security-conscious affluent clients.

    Discretion and Confidentiality: Emphasize discretion and confidentiality in your marketing materials to build trust with high-net-worth clients.

By implementing these strategies, you can effectively target affluent areas and attract clients who value the premium cleaning services you provide.

Additional Tips:

    Insurance: Look into liability insurance to protect yourself in case of accidents while working at client locations.

    Tax Considerations: Research tax requirements for self-employed individuals in your area, get intouch with the City Council or TRA for this assistance.

Conclusion on How to Self Employ by Offering Cleaning Services from Tomorrow !

Remember, building a successful cleaning business takes time.  Focus on providing excellent service to turn initial clients into loyal customers who recommend you to others. If you liked our article on How to Self Employ by Offering Cleaning Services from Tomorrow , then please share it with your Family , Friends and Colleagues.

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