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Agriculture Officer (AG Officer) Vacancy at Convoy of Hope

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Convoy of Hope is a faith-based, humanitarian relief organization with a driving passion to feed the world Program Officer for Agriculture is vital to Convoy of Hope’s efforts in Tanzania. To that end, COH Tanzania has created the position of program officer to strengthen and deepen its impact.

JOB TITLEAgriculture Officer (AG Officer)
REPORTS TONational Director

Agriculture component is vital to Convoy of Hope’s efforts in Tanzania. To this end, COH Tanzania has created the position of agriculturist to serve in its programs

The title of the position is Agriculturist aiming to support and strengthen the capacity of the Convoy Of Hope (COH) Programs field beneficiaries, District Agriculture Department and its respective staff at ward and village level to progressively take on and collaborate with CFI, EG, SD programs to improve sustainably.


Implementation of Agricultural Activ ities (30%)

  • Identify opportunities to use agriculture and animal husbandry to improve the lives of COH program participants.
  • Teach and facilitate training sessions in agriculture-related topics.
  • Lead in development of secondary school agriculture clubs.
  • Produce high quality reports on agriculture activities.
  • Assist and advice on Convoy of Hope agriculture activities elsewhere in the Africa region
  • Work closely with the Local Government Agriculture department to provide support to the Extension officers and respective beneficiaries in monitoring and providing direct support to agricultural teachers and School Management Committees, and ensuring that mutually agreed plans are successfully implemented.
  • Harmonize COH plans not to duplicate those of the government but complementing the gaps
  • Analyze agriculture-related information in reports from Head Teachers, extension officers, and support the respective District to provide targeted support to underperforming, communities/schools.
  • Facilitate Target Community, Schools, District Agric Department and other key sector stakeholders to plan of agricultural activities at their level.
  • Organize, prepare and invite participants and facilitators to sensitization and training sessions and meetings.
  • Identify and quantify school garden input needs.
  • Facilitate distribution of inputs to respective school gardens and demo plots.
  • Ensure collaboration and consultation and team work with other stakeholders.
  • Organizing Programs and activities in accordance with the mission and goals of the organization
  • Developing a budget and operating plan for the programs.
  • Manage other programs team to effectively deliver as per their JDs and beyond.
  • Able to lead partnership formation with likeminded partners and development of MOUs/Contracts/Agreements Able to facilitate community level planning and produce Annual Operation Plan and Budget.
  • Able to plan and integrate Education, Health, Nutrition, livelihood, WASH programs as per COHT and HQ standards.
  • Enforced stewardship and accountability by ensuring that resources & assets were efficiently and effectively managed within the program/project. Monthly funding were requested on time, and spending was within acceptable standards.
  • Fostered networking relationships with existing local government institutions, faith based organization, Saving Groups, NGO’s, CBO’s, leaders and other key partners at central and local government levels to achieve the community wellbeing and especially for the most vulnerable children and their families.

Quality Assurance and Innovation (30%)

  • Facilitate and supervise community local facilitators training sessions.
  • Conduct follow-ups and supervision on training sessions.
  • Facilitate data collection to manage process and accomplishments.
  • Participate and contribute in the sector monthly and quarterly meetings.
  • Communicate and address challenges and concerns from respective Schools, Districts, wards and villages in coordination and collaboration with District-level COH project partners.
  • Supervise data collection from village and school demonstration plots in collaboration with Program volunteers and local government (e.g. number of school gardens, number of demonstration sites, type and quantity of inputs, productivity of school farms, quantity of food harvested delivered for school feeding etc).
  • Participate in CFI program baseline surveys, and mid-term reviews and evaluation as requested and planned by District Agricultural department (ME&L).
  • Contribute to development of innovative methods that enhances CFI objective achievement.

Documentation and Reporting (30%)

  • Ensure documented record and photos exists for key agricultural activities implemented in the project area.
  • Prepare and share monthly reports for agriculture sector activities at District level as required by the monitoring and Evaluation and Learning (ME&L).
  • Participate and contribute to monthly and quarterly sector meetings.
  • Document best practices and case studies/stories as they arise during implementation of activities in the field.

Representation (5%)

  • Represent COHT in regular meetings with CFI, Agric. & EG partners at District, ward or village level and share with CFI & Field Partnership Specialist & Program Officers, Interns and Part time staff the outcomes of such meetings.
  • A link of COHT programs staff and National director.
  • Other duties (5%)
  • Carry out other appropriate duties as assigned by COHT National Director


The program officer reports to the Tanzania country director. This program officer will work closely with other field staff and headquarters staff

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